Pearl cotton sheets can save costs like this.


1. The pearl cotton is an independent bubble body. Ther […]

1. The pearl cotton is an independent bubble body. Therefore, the pearl cotton sheet has the advantages of small volume and light weight, and does not add a burden to the product in terms of transportation weight. It is a good material for saving the cost of the enterprise in terms of freight, and the weight is light and at the same time Protect the product.
2. Pearl cotton sheet It is a kind of pure white, soft and elastic texture. It uses its own good cushioning property to absorb and evacuate the external impact force. The anti-collision and anti-drop performance is strong in the product transportation package. Good protection. The reason why we use the product lining packaging is that the product is not damaged by the impact of transportation, and the performance of the pearl cotton completely meets the requirements.
3. The pearl cotton sheet can meet the specifications of the inner lining of any product on the market through processing, cutting, pasting and compounding. It has a clean appearance, odorless, environmental protection, acid resistance, alkali resistance, various shockproof and anti-buffering. No water absorption, heat insulation and other characteristics.
4. The pearl cotton sheet can also be covered with aluminum foil, flocking cloth, corrugated box, PE film, etc. to meet various requirements of the product, and can add flame retardant, antistatic agent, etc., is a pearl cotton sheet. The performance is further improved.

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