What problems should I pay attention to when storing pearl cotton inside?


1. Do not accumulate charge (regularly evaluate the cha […]

1. Do not accumulate charge (regularly evaluate the charge condition of the storage link)
Do not regularly discharge the items rubbed by the pearl cotton, because the charged objects will have a discharge action if the charged charge reaches a certain level, which may cause the pearl cotton to catch fire.
2. Do not store in contact with repellent items.
When you choose to store the warehouse location, you should analyze the surrounding factories and see if there is any product that is “rejected” with the EPE. Of course, the pearl cotton inner tray also has a common cotton and anti-static cotton distinction. If you want to reduce the occurrence of fire, you can also use anti-static pearl cotton.
3. Do not touch flammable products (such as cigarette butts or hair spray)
From a chemical and physical point of view, pearl cotton is a flammable item. Experiments have shown that a small burning substance that is not open fire also causes the pearl cotton to hold a fire, such as a cigarette butt that is extinguished.
4. Be careful not to touch the circuit (including complete or damaged circuit)
It is reported that the wire line is also the cause of fire caused by pearl cotton, so it is necessary to check the wire line frequently. The best advice is to prevent the pearl cotton from coming close to the wire line.
Therefore, in the storage of pearl cotton inner lining, the first thing to pay attention to is to stay away from the open flame, once again to prevent charge accumulation, electrostatic discharge fire, irreparable damage, should be popularized with the staff of the storage department to prevent the fire. The precautions should be regularly checked in the usual work, strict requirements, to avoid irreparable losses.

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